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The Brian Ochab Band is a six-piece American rock band from the dreamscape that is Los Angeles, CA.  The band formed in 2020 from a collection of self-proclaimed music geeks and multi-instrumentalists who met at various music venues in the now legendary Laurel Canyon.


Their sound has a piano driven classic rock vibe that brings subtle comparisons to an early Billy Joel, the Eagles and even Jim Steinman.  Add to that recipe a sprinkle of country and a dash of Americana and you get a unique and special sound that has the LA music scene taking notice.


Their distinctive brand of catchy melodies, great rock grooves and impressive vocal harmonies give them a modern but timeless vibe. The Brian Ochab Band also uses fun stage banter that feels like they are inviting the audience to a private party.  They are currently performing live and are also busy at work on their debut album.  Two new singles, West Coast Wave and Two Strangers on a Train, are planned for a spring release on all streaming platforms.

"Two Strangers on a Train"

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